Elk Ridge Park

1190 East 2500 North

Elk Ridge is North Logan's multiple use destination park. It is centrally located, and is the largest of the parks in North Logan. There are many sports opportunities in the park, including soccer, basketball, softball, baseball, volleyball, tennis, and trail walking or riding. Parking is accessible from 2500 N, or there is walk-in access at 2300 N and 1200 E.
There are two buildings available for rent in Elk Ridge Park.
The Lion's building, at 1190 East 2500 North, is a covered pavilion. It has 4 round and 2 long tables.
The Centennial building, at 2310 North 1060 East, is an enclosed building with a bathroom. It has 5 long tables, and large garage doors that can be opened up to the park.
The park has two playground areas. The first, near the Lion's building is appropriate for toddlers and younger children. The second, pictured, is near the Centennial Building and the soccer fields.